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12 Juillet 2018
1.100% CARBON FIBER: The sticks are ultralight carbon fiber (200g per stick); Very hard and difficult to break; Very easy to carry

2.FAST LOCKING g5fvTECHNOLOGY: The safest external locks, which are extra-strong and durable aluminum alloy This design is made only at Enkeeo; Easily adjust the length of the poles

3.HANDLE IN SYNTHETIC CORK: Elegant appearance; Absorbs sweat; The cork handles are comfortable and soft, and the shape of the handles fits perfectly to your palm

4. ADDRESSABLE ADDRESSES HANDLES: Extra padding provides comfort to the back of your hand; Make sure you do not drop the sticks

5.COMPLETE ACCESSORIES: Package includes snow sneakers, mud sneakers and rubber tips; Adapts to all kinds of circumstances